The following Officers and Crewmen of the USS LST 887
are known to have passed away. We honor our shipmates
who are no longer with us and cherish the memory of having
shared their friendship and their service to our country.

John J. Askren

Maurice Boyet

John L. Bruce

Robert Burns

Ferdinand Candiff

Jackson R. Carter

Dennis E. Case

Walter Clare

Courtney Combs

William Cunard

Joel H. Elkins

Fred C. Gibbons

Herman L. Henson

James W. Hicks

Dudley Lee Hill

James J. Hill

Fredrick T. Hillard

Robert Holcomb

Rhonnie Huss

Oswald L. Hutzler

Donald T. Johanson

Dale B. Johnson

Griffin Johnson

William A. Jones Jr.

Earl L. Knabb

Charles (Red) Knight

James Kwasniak

Winfield M. Lacey

Robert J. Letts

Louis Luebkert

Raymond D. Lundy

Harlan B. Mellot

Alan Melton

Fred Meyers

Gilbert Michalski

George L. Miles

Alton R. Miller

Gilbert Miller

Edward E. Moore

Wayne L. Mulford

Thomas E. Nance

Edward J. Naquin

Paul E. Opela

James J. Parry

Frank A. Peltier Jr.

James M. Pugh

Jack Rainey

Dellas V. (Vern) Roberts

Frank C. Rosin

Tommy R. Russell

Keith Schooler

H. E. Spoerl

Layton M. Stewart

Don G. Swihart

John J. Trotter

Maurice Webb

John J. Wiegel